The Demand for Backyard Sheds Is Through the Roof. Meet the Entrepreneur Trying to Meet It

July 7, 2020

Studio Shed overcomes challenges to meet consumer demand during the pandemic.

Working from home during the pandemic has a whole new look thanks to our client, Studio Shed.

“Overnight, the company retooled a scheduled promo to offer free shipping on smaller units. Orders came flooding in. A typical consideration period for a $20,000 shed is around 60 days. That shrunk down to a day or two. “People were like, ‘Yes, I need it! I’ve been working at my kitchen table for a month and this is driving me crazy,'” reports Koenig,” writes Inc. Magazine Contributor, Jessica Stillman.

Read more about how Studio Shed continues to overcome the challenges of keeping up with demand during the pandemic in the latest interview with Inc. Magazine.

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