Global Flavor Tour: Barcelona

September 25, 2020

Barcelona Wine Bar offers a vibe that will satiate your desire for a global getaway.

If you’re missing the opportunity to travel abroad like our friends at The Nashville Edit, visit our client Barcelona Wine Bar at any of their many locations across the country for an authentic Spanish getaway through unique and flavorful dishes, wines, cocktails and sangrias and a vibe that will satiate your desire to travel.

“If you’re looking for one of our team members in the late afternoons or early evenings this fall, there’s a good chance you might find at least a couple of Edit girls cozied up in a booth in Edgehill Village where one of our favorite happy hour and gathering spots is nestled in the charming retail district. With a menu built on authentic Spanish favorites and an emphasis on small, shared plates it suits our curious personalities and desire to try new things weekly.

The scene here feels more ‘big city’ than you would expect from a Music Row area locale but definitely reflects something you might find tucked away in West Hollywood or NYC’s West Village. The dress code is definitely casual but most of the patrons seem to be well-dressed even when the ensembles are jeans and leggings that are wardrobe staples for the Music Row set. The crowd is lively but not rowdy and likely made up of young professionals with office locations in and around the area,” writes Stacie Standifer of The Nashville Edit.

Read why a visit to Barcelona Wine Bar can’t be missed in the latest story from The Nashville Edit here.

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