Smart Ways to Embrace Small Space Living

February 17, 2022

Owners and tenants of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) share key insights about how to navigate the unique living experience.

Alex Temblador of Dwell Magazine surveys real-life ADU tenants for four smart ways to make the most in their small spaces. Studio Shed clients weigh in:

“In San Anselmo, California, Julie Fornasero and Tim Logan live in a 544-square-foot ADU by Studio Shed (a company with prefabricated ADUs that can be assembled on-site), and the duo rent out their 1,100-square-foot main house. Julie advises potential ADU tenants: “Make sure you have enough storage, either within the ADU or in auxiliary structures, to fit your lifestyle.” Creative solutions like wall-mounted bikes or under-bed storage can help keep things tidy without taking up too much square footage in an already small space”.

Read the article here for tangible tips to embrace the ADU experience.

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