Hospitality Innovations That Help You Sleep Smarter

April 14, 2022

A good night’s sleep is highly coveted by those traveling. Implementing one or all of these technologies could garner your business a great reputation and a loyal following.

While on-the-road restorative rest can be hard to come by, emerging technologies can productively assist in achieving peaceful slumber. In piece published in Hospitality Technology, Feed Media Client and CEO of Altitude Control Technology Bill Sinclair shares 4 Hotel Technologies to Help Guests Have Sweet Dreams.

“An IHG Hotels & Resorts study found that 79% of business travelers have trouble sleeping when they’re on the road. Being in a new space and hearing unfamiliar sounds weighed heavily among the reasons why. While it may be that vacationers less stressed about morning meetings do better, in my own experience – and, probably, yours – sleep can suffer when you’re away from home.

Altitude also hampers sleep and, for many, causes mountain sickness characterized by fatigue, headache, and other symptoms. A lack of oxygen is the problem (at 8,000 feet, there’s 24% less of it than at sea level). Colorado-based Altitude Control Technology – the company I lead – has turned a historic niche in high-altitude simulation on its head for hundreds of mountain homeowners. Now, ACT has expanded to incorporate oxygenation into hotels.”

The full feature can be read HERE.

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