Chef Dana Rodriguez named Denver’s “Queen of Cuisine”

August 5, 2022

James Beard Award nominated Chef Dana Rodriguez owns the August issue of Denver Life Magazine in a stunning 14 page spread.

Spearheaded by Creative Director Tom Visocchi and Lead Photographer Joni Schrantz, Denver Life Magazine captures the Loca spirit in an in-depth spotlight of the beloved and celebrated chef.

“When you hear the name Dana Rodriguez around these areas, you can’t help but think: amazing food, delicious drinks and the life of the party. Her three Denver-based, Latin-inspired restaurants (Super Mega Bien, Work & Class and Cantina Loca) also speak volumes to her prolific work ethic and expertise in the kitchen. The way this woman has honed her craft over the years is nothing short of praise-worthy. We are just so impressed how she pushes the envelope day in and day out –– what can we say? Dana’s on fire.”

Going on to praise Dana’s passion for her people (both her local team and her community), exploring each of her (many) successful concepts and impactful projects, the content-rich piece wraps with Loca-original recipes that are not to miss.

Hard copies available locally, digital copies can be found here.

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