How to protect and disinfect high-design interiors

November 23, 2020

Cleanliness does not have to come at the sacrifice of quality.

Many upscale and boutique hotels are looking for the best solution for keeping their high-end features monitored and maintained after COVID-19 and our client Apex Surface Care shares how businesses can keep these features not only clean for appearances but clean for health and safety as well.

“But like any other investment, these high-end features must be monitored and maintained. That used to mean polishing surfaces until they gleamed and scrubbing windows to maximize natural light. Now with the advent of COVID-19, it means cleaning for health as well as appearance.

With the stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures put in place in the wake of the pandemic, many hoteliers are uncertain about how to properly maintain and care for their bespoke, high-end interiors. Their top priority is the health and safety of their guests and employees, but they are afraid to use harsh disinfectants that may scratch or discolor surfaces. As a result, some hoteliers are considering toning down the aesthetics to simplify the cleaning process and avoid damaging their investments.

Luckily, cleanliness does not have to come at the sacrifice of quality. It is possible to establish a thorough, upgraded cleaning protocol that keeps a hotel both safe and stunning. With the proper planning, preparation and professional help, hoteliers can help their guests breathe easy and ensure their hotels remain picture perfect,” writes Thomas Holland of Apex Surface Care.

Hotel Management shares more about how hospitality businesses can continue to disinfect and maintain their spaces for the comfort and safety of guests in the article here.

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