Skip the Skiing and Vacation in Denver

July 10, 2022

Huffington Post travel and culture reporter describes why Denver is more than just a stopover town and spotlights Stanley Marketplace as her go-to spot.

Caroline Bologna is selling Denver, and we’re listening. The travel and culture editor spills her top-to-bottom itinerary for a Denver getaway on HuffPost and among her coveted recommendations is a trip to Stanley Marketplace. When asked for go-to restaurants and shops, Bologna shares:

“One of my favorite lunch spots in the Denver area is Stanley Marketplace, which has tons of great food options ― from Italian sandwiches to Asian noodles to the amazing breakfast sandwiches at Denver Biscuit Company. In addition to restaurants, Stanley Marketplace is full of great local shops, so I picked up some home goods and other knick-knacks after having lunch there.”

For the full guide to the ultimate vacation in Denver, click here.

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