“Pickle Pandemonium” sweeps the nation just as Camp Pickle arrives on the scene

November 10, 2022

Featured as the Shopping Center Business cover story, Robert Thompson’s newest creative venture, Camp Pickle, is garnering nation-wide excitement.

In the wake of Camp Pickle’s announced arrival in 2024, editor Hayden Spiess of Shopping Center Business explores the new-found ubiquity of this leisure activity, dubbing “pickle pandemonium”.

From the feature:

It’s rare to find an activity that is enjoyed by octogenarians, kids and young professionals alike. Americans found exactly such a pastime in pickleball though, which experienced a massive boom during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to USA Pickleball, there are now 4.8 million players in the country.

[Robert] Thompson of Angevin & Co. says that Camp Pickle was born out of a desire to “create a brand that resonated across this incredibly wide demographic net that pickleball brings together.” Such an eatertainment concept is, of course, not new territory for Thompson, and he says his newest iteration will in many ways follow the model he has established in his past concepts.

For a deeper look into what to expect (like peak playing times, cuisine inspiration and intentional design aesthetic notes), read on here.

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