A certified B Corp mountain is also aptly named “skier’s paradise”

January 11, 2023

Travel + Leisure taps our client, Taos Ski Valley, as a dreamy destination with an inside peek into the benefits of a B Corp mountain resort.

With 300+ days of sunshine, stunning views and adrenaline-pumping terrain, it’s no surprise Travel + Leisure dubs Taos Ski Valley a “skier’s paradise”. The mountain resort, however, isn’t just celebrated for it’s famous turns; it’s the first and only mountain resort certified as a B Corp.

“For Taos, becoming a B Corp organization means “that we place environmental and social responsibility at a very high level, we surround ourselves with other B Corporations, and we learn from those organizations so that we can advance in some of the work that we’re doing,” Norden said. “It has driven us to decisions like ensuring we have pay equity across all positions regardless of gender, race, or age and ensuring we pay a liveable wage, not just the minimum wage, [and provide] our staff with time to volunteer for local non-profits.

Recounting her recent visit to this world-class destination, travel editor Jamie Aranoff gives an inside peek into how Taos Ski Valley differentiates itself – and how it only enhances the guest experience.

Aranoff ends with the thought: “As I began my final run of the day, I took a minute to reflect on my short time in Taos. Overlooking the ski valley, I could make out the road leading back into Taos and realized that this mountain hidden in the Rockies is more than just a place to ski. It is a catalyst for change. Places like Taos, with its staff of passionate and caring individuals, are putting in hard work to preserve these destinations. And because of them, the future of skiing sure does look bluebird bright.”

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