The World’s Most Innovative Companies

March 15, 2023

Fast Company selects Taos Ski Valley to its prestigious annual list, celebrating their unparalleled environmental and social responsibility work.

In an enormous achievement, long-time Feed Media client Taos Ski Valley is ranked as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, specifically highlighted in the hospitality sector. Editor Stirling Keslo commends Taos for “electrifying the ski industry” and setting an example for ski resorts nationwide.

From the feature:

“Located in New Mexico, Taos is a popular American ski resort and year-round adventure destination with more than 1,200 skiable acres. It’s also the world’s only certified B Corp ski resort, a designation that speaks to its mission to change the $375 billion ski industry by tackling problems such as ecological damage and community inequity. Over the last several years, Taos has invested $300 million into a range of projects, including solar power and electric vehicles. The company forged a partnership with the local electric utility to build the infrastructure to allow the resort’s chairlifts, gondolas, and other on-mountain mechanics to operate on 100% daytime solar energy, a milestone that it achieved in 2022. In doing so, Taos created a new energy resource for the entire community.”

For more on the company’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability as well as the complete ranking of organizations shaping industries and culture, visit the round up here.

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