Mastering the Multipurpose in Small Space Living

April 22, 2023

Forbes puts a spotlight on Studio Shed in a series of stylish small space transformations.

Forbes editors Lauren Lloyd and Lexie Pelchen share “bigger isn’t always better, and these days tiny homes are all the rage. Thanks to remote work opportunities and skyrocketing housing costs, many folks are switching to a more minimal lifestyle.”

Outlining the best way to stylishly simplify a living space, Lloyd and Pelchen nod to our client, Studio Shed, as a leader when it comes to versatility and usability.

“With the help of prefab ADU maker Studio Shed, this couple designed a detached space to accommodate their varying needs. “The 14-by-22 Summit Series Studio Shed is now being used as a guest roompool house, home office and home fitness and wellness space,” said the Studio Shed team. The unit, which is complete with a bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom, will also be utilized as a rental unit in the future to provide an additional source of income.”

Browse the series of before-and-after renovations here.

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