Surprising Snorkeling Destinations

April 15, 2023

Wall Street Journal features our client, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, in a roundup of unexpected domestic destinations for the adventure spot.

Giving a nod giving a nod to the crystalline waters of Judd Lake in Alaska where more than 35,000 salmon congregate each August and September, editor Caleb Johnson shares:

“More than 3.5-million miles of rivers and streams crisscross the U.S., meandering down mountains, through forests and even across deserts. These waterways—large and small—are habitat for countless forms of aquatic-based life.

Guides at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge lead groups of four aboard kayaks or paddle boards to witness this mass congregation, which also draws bears fattening up before winter. Guests can jump in to watch the salmon, rainbow trout and arctic char. The water is cold, but back at the luxury lodge awaits a bonfire, a sauna or a lakeside hot tub.”

For the full feature, visit Wall Street Journal here.

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