Two Denver Insiders Share Itineraries for a Perfect Day in Town

March 13, 2024

Get the insider scoop from from our client, Chef Dana Rodriguez who recently shared her perfect Denver itinerary with Bloomberg.

“One of Dana Rodriguez’s first memories of Denver was being rejected from a dishwashing job at Casa Bonita in 1998. The restaurant, now a gleaming pink palace of nostalgic Mexican cuisine, was the ideal place to land, she thought, for a native of Chihuahua.

Today she not only runs the place, but she’s turned it into the city’s most impossible reservation, and that’s just one of the handful of restaurants she operates around town. (She also makes her own tequila and mezcal under the Doña Loca label—it means “crazy lady”—which you can find all around town.)”

Read more from the article here. 

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