Snowboarders Celebrate 16 Years Since The ‘Free Taos’ Movement

March 25, 2024

Feed Media client Taos Ski Valley celebrated 16 years of snowboarders on the mountain. March 19th 2008 was a day that went down in the books--not just for snowboarders, but for everyone who skis and rides Taos Ski Valley.

“Before 2008, Taos was a skier’s only resort, and for over 50 years, the resort specifically shut its doors to snowboarders.

This was mostly due to stereotypes surrounding snowboarders related to their image and raucous behavior. Then there was the fact that plenty of local skiers felt that the type of terrain at Taos was too challenging for snowboarding, especially off Kachina Peak. Plus, there is always the gripe about snowboarders scraping off the good snow in tight terrain.

So, the fight for snowboarders to ride Taos went on for almost two decades leading up to the announcement. A dedicated group of snowboarders—including longtime local Christof Brownell—advocated for Taos to open to everyone.”

Read more from the article here. 

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