Sitetracker: Speeding Electric Truck Charging Behind The Scenes

June 21, 2024

Announcements of new charging depots for electric trucks seem to come almost weekly. Some are more promises than ready-to-go power. Sitetracker, a SaaS business rooted in telecommunications, is providing a cloud-based backbone to move things along.

“Sitetracker has been around since 2008. In four rounds of fundraising, it has brought in $183 million, including $66 million in a Series D round in 2022. The Montclair, New Jersey-based company has doubled its head count while seizing opportunities in the transition of commercial vehicles to electrification. Customers include ChargePoint, Duke Energy and EVgo.

Sitetracker’s value proposition is sort of like the old BASF slogan about not making things but making them better. The obvious clients make charging equipment. Now fleets need to figure out their own charging options. OEMs and others offer help. Sitetracker goes deep.

“We’re the ones behind the scenes with the software to help them do that in a way that is scalable and faster,” Irizarry said. “We’re fitting into a new gap that’s been created because everyone’s electrifying. “[Fleets] now have to deploy infrastructure chargers, and that’s not something they’d ever done before.”

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