Good Company: Taos Ski Mountain’s Focus on Sustainability Goes Far Beyond Banning Plastic

March 3, 2020

Taos Ski Mountain’s Focus on Sustainability Goes Far Beyond Banning Plastic.

When visiting our client, Taos Ski Valley, not only will you enjoy endless miles of pristine powder, but you’ll also enjoy their approach to sustainability as the first B Corp ski resort in the world.

“While the mountain has indeed gotten rid of single-use plastics and installed water filtration systems abundantly throughout the resort, the mountain’s approach to sustainability has gone far beyond just implementing reusable bottles.

From May through September, 15 to 20 sawyers work to selectively thin the forests around the mountain—eventually then burning the timbers—allowing them to be healthier and breathe easier. “A healthy forest can withstand wildfires, but the process is time consuming, labor intensive, and costly,” Norden says. “Many more people need to be doing this, though, and it can be applied anywhere in the country.”

When it comes to food, the mountain has installed a food waste dehydrator, which takes 250 pounds of food waste each evening and produces 25 pounds of composted soil the next morning that is then put on the slopes,” writes Samantha Brooks of Barron’s.

Learn more about how Taos Ski Valley drives its sustainability efforts in the latest article from Barron’s here.

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