Uptick in Backyard Dwellings Gets Pandemic Push

November 18, 2020

Studio Shed's ADUs grow in popularity due to pandemic push.

With the pandemic forcing families to live, work and stay under one roof, AARP reports on Feed Media client Studio Shed’s increase in demand for their backyard accessory dwelling units.

“Mike Koenig, president and cofounder of Studio Shed in Lewisville, Colorado, has seen similar numbers for his company, which makes sheds and ADUs. “We’ve seen our traffic for website visitors age 65 and older triple over the last year,” he says. “That’s not normal.”

Folmer, a managing director at Deloitte Consulting and mother of two college-age children (also home and learning remotely), was already in the process of purchasing an ADU from Studio Shed when COVID-19 hit.

It “accelerated everything,” she says. “The risk was high in our community, and I think a worker in [mom’s] facility tested positive. They were going on lockdown. She would be isolated. And [my siblings and I] were paying a lot of money for the facility. It all felt extreme and high risk at the time.

Folmer says her mother is looking forward to moving into the 400-square-foot studio (including a bathroom, bedroom and kitchen) that is just about finished in Folmer’s side garden. She’ll have the privacy she needs for her own dignified life. And, if she gets ill or if someone in Folmer’s home gets ill, it’s easier to isolate,” write Stacey Freed of AARP.

Learn more about the growing demand in Studio Shed’s backyard structures in the full story from AARP here.

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