Increasing Real Estate Value with Studio Shed

February 15, 2022

'A Lifesaver for Our Sanity': This Year's Hottest Home Renovations Are All About Finding More Space.

Amidst the competitive market, Money chats with Jeremy Nova, CEO of Studio Shed, on why investing in detached structures increase real estate value.

Nova states “people really are figuring out creative ways to use their homes more fully instead of trying to compete in all of these overheated real estate markets,” notes Jeremy Nova, co-founder and creative director of Studio Shed, a provider of prefabricated backyard structures. Leslie Cook from Money adds “their popularity has steadily increased thanks to their flexibility — ADU’s can be used as a detached home office, a school learning pod, an art studio, a guest house or (if local laws allow) a rental unit that generates additional income.”

Read the full feature here.

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