Healthy Food Delivery with a Medically Tailored Approach

May 30, 2022

Executive Chef Brett Newman sits down with Medium on thoughts of curating his menu, the importance of nutritious food and how he creates medically-tailored meals for individuals battling life-threatening illnesses.

Martita Mestey of Medium‘s Authority Magazine sits down with Feed Media Client and Executive Chef, Brett Newman, in an interview series rooted in raising awareness in the many benefits of healthy eating. As the executive chef at Project Angel Heart, Newman uses his skills to help improve the health and well-being of people with life-threatening illnesses by crafting delicious, medically tailored meals.

“As a chef, I am a strong advocate of improving health and nourishment. I really appreciate the opportunity I have at Project Angel Heart to provide nutritious meals for people who cannot prepare this type of food for themselves. I hope we inspire our clients to eat healthfully, in proper portions, and to incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal.


For our Project Angel Heart clients, I believe that flavors and diversity are the keys to creating dishes they love. It’s important to us to mix things up and give them different foods from different cultures. And when we name our dishes, we try to keep the names a little more accessible and identifiable so that our clients understand what they’re getting.”

Read the full interview here for more of Chef Newman’s background, what he wish he knew when starting out in the industry, his favorite dish at Project Angel Heart and his choice to share a meal with anyone in the world.

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