All about the Eatertainment Revival

June 15, 2022

Nation’s Restaurant News shares the exciting details on entrepreneur Robert Thompson’s latest concept, Jaguar Bolera, coming soon to Raleigh, NC.

Robert Thompson of Angevin & Co. is doing what he does best: bringing a fresh and data-backed disruption to each sector he works in, this time with eyes on the Eatertainment space.

From Lisa Jennings of Nation’s Restaurant News: “Jaguar Bolera will offer a mix of fun alongside food and beverages in a setting that Thompson described as “deconstructed Southern grandma on her way to the social club.” On the menu will be a marriage of Southern and Mexican cuisine built on wood-fired cooking techniques, Thompson said.

The entertainment side will include duckpins — “bolera” is Spanish for bowling alley — karaoke, and opportunities for what Thompson calls “maker-tainment,” where guests can needlepoint, take cooking classes, learn about fashion or interior design and do “other things that they can do with a drink in their hand.”

Describing Jaguar Bolera as “extraordinarily special”, Thompson says the space is fully experiential and designed to bring people together while maintaining a unique and distinct nature.

Read the full feature here.

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