How To Preserve Connectivity And Business Continuity In Hurricane Season

June 8, 2023

Here are five technology and network communications-related considerations for organizations to factor into their disaster preparedness planning.

Mike Flannery, Chief Marketing Officer of Windstream shares his top tips for how businesses can prepare and protect their technology foundation during extreme weather.

From the feature:

“Welcome to the climatic “new normal,” where extreme weather seems to be less predictable, more frequent and often more damaging, and where, as always, the threat of natural disaster looms large. With hurricane season right around the corner, now is a good time for businesses to assess how well protected their technology foundation, including their network and communications infrastructure, is from the very real risk of disruption. Then, based on that risk assessment, develop a business continuity plan if they don’t already have one, or revisit the one they have in place.”

Read more from Newsweek here. 

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