Robert Thompson’s Jaguar Bolera Spins the Eatertainment Status Quo

May 23, 2024

Feed Media client Robert Thompson recently opened his highly anticipated concept Jaguar Bolera in Raleigh. FSR Magazine shares how Thompson is bringing his vision and innovation to the eatertainnment industry, AGAIN.

“Robert Thompson first showed the vision of “Jaguar Bolera” to the public in May 2022 at the ICSC Conference in Las Vegas. The grand opening—this past Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina—fell a day short of aligning with the start of 2024’s event.

While the synergy, naturally, wasn’t planned, some of the themes Thompson unveiled two years aged as he hoped they might. Thompson has been around this eatertainment sphere a while—perhaps longer than anybody else given he introduced Buffalo Billiards & Havana Diner Lounge some 27 years ago.

What he noticed more recently, however, namely from his time founding and directing Punch Bowl Social, was the full-service model didn’t always match the volume or activity inside social-driven boxes. Being located near sporting teams, Punch Bowl would often face “surge moments” where four-digit crowds would flood in during tight windows. “You could never take care of those people properly,” Thompson says. “You always disappointed from a service perspective.”

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