A Reanimated Restaurant

June 11, 2024

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone bring new life to the real Casa Bonita.

“South Park devotees will remember Casa Bonita, the flamingo-pink restaurant from a 2003 episode in which Eric Cartman schemes his way into a birth- day party, binges on sopaipillas, and jumps off an indoor waterfall to escape the police. Fans have often asked the show’s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, if the place was real. It is, and in 2021 they bought it.

Originally opened in the Denver suburb of Lakewood 50 years ago, the sprawling restau- rant was beloved for its kitschy environs: cliff divers plunging off a 30-foot waterfall, mari- achi bands, a haunted cave, and a guy running around in a gorilla suit. The food, though—with the exception of the sopaipillas—was so bad that the commonly accepted wisdom was that patrons should eat before they went.”

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